I'm Christine.


I'm a copywriter, copyeditor & proofreader

based in Minneapolis.

I develop and create texts in many capacities including copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading. While editing and consulting, I ensure that texts of any genre are accurate, consistent, and well-crafted. My top priority is to serve every author's purpose and voice within their own writing process. While copywriting, I consistently produce engaging and brand-specific marketing or informational content for target audiences.



  • Copyediting available for fiction and nonfiction texts

  • Have experience copyediting poetry, short stories, academic articles, and nonfiction books

  • Able to comply to MLA, APA, Chicago, AP, or SBL style


  • Copywriting available for print and digital media

  • Have experience copywriting web content, landing pages, social media copy, catalog copy, back cover copy, and more

  • Able to comply to MLA, APA, Chicago, AP, or SBL style


  • Proofreading available for fiction and nonfiction texts

  • Have experience proofreading poetry, short stories, academic articles, book covers, and nonfiction books

  • Able to comply to MLA, APA, Chicago, AP, or SBL style

Developmental Editing

  • Developmental editing available for fiction and nonfiction texts

  • Have experience developing short stories, fiction books, and nonfiction books

Writing Consulting

  • Writing consulting available for any type of writing, from brainstorming to final formatting

  • In-person, online through Microsoft Word, or online through video chat

  • Level of involvement dependent on author's desired outcome and preferences

Featured Work

Victorian Periodicals Review

"Credit, Copyright, and the Circulation of Scientific Knowledge: The Royal Society in the Long Nineteenth Century" (Aileen

          Fyfe, Julie McDougall-Waters, and Noah Moxham)
"Between Counterfeit Coin and Genuine Article: From Copying to Originality in Tit-Bits" (Thomas Vranke)
"Digital Project Update: A Francophone Project on Nineteenth-Century Journalism and Journalists: Médias 19" (Benedicte Coste)
"Crossing Borders between London and Leipzig, between Image and Text: A Case Study of the Illustrirte Zeitung (1843)"    

          (Andreas Beck)
"Publishing beyond Borders: The Roman Advertiser, the Tuscan Athenaeum, and the Creation of a Transnational Liberal Space"

          (Isabelle Richet)
"Close Readings of Big Data: Triangulating Patterns of Textual Reappearance and Attribution in the Caledonian Mercury,

          1820–40" (M. H. Beals)
"Credit, Copyright, and the Circulation of Scientific Knowledge: The Royal Society in the Long Nineteenth Century" (Aileen

          Fyfe, Julie McDougall-Waters, Noah Moxham)
"Victorian Gendered Photography in the Boy’s Own Paper and the Girl’s Own Paper" (Jochen Petzold)
"'Kangaroo Politics, Kangaroo Ideas, and Kangaroo Society': The Early Years of Melbourne Punch in Colonial Australia" (Shu-

          Chuan Yan)

1517 Media - Fortress Press

Luther’s Outlaw God  (Steven Paulson)

Ordinary Blessings  (Meta Herrick Carlson)

When the Center Does Not Hold  (David Brubaker)

Rooted and Renewing  (Troy Troftgruben)

The Galapagos Islands  (Brian McLaren)

Law and Theology  (David Opderbeck)

Intro to the Gospels  (Mark Alan Powell)

You Can Change  (Mark Baker)

God is Greater  (Antje Jackelen)

Why Churches Need to Talk About Sexuality  (Mark Wingfield)

Ministry with Persons of Mental Illness  (Robert Albers)

Text and Presentation

"Radical Resurrections: A Performance History of John Brown's Body" (Victoria Lynn Scrimer)

"Deep When: A Basic Design Philosophy for Addressing Holidays in Historical Dramas" (Michael Schweikardt)

"Not-Being-at-Home-in-the-World: Uncanniness and Alienation in Lisa D'Amour's Detroit and Airline Highway" (M. Scott Phillips)

"Precious Resources: Cultural Archiving in the Post-Apocalyptic Worlds of Mr. Burns and Station Eleven" (Paul D. Reich)

"Infidelity, Adaptation, and Textuality: Directing Late Medieval and Early Modern French Farce" (Scott D. Taylor)

"Rectories Meet 'One-Hour' Rooms: Williams on Summery and Eccentric Loves" (Jeffrey B. Loomis)

Baker Publishing Group (Bethany House and Chosen)

To Win a Prince (Toni Shiloh)

Brain Washed (Manny Arango)

I've worked with...



Kelly Rynda,

Journeys Coordinator at the Minnesota Literacy Council

Christine brought an excellent attention to detail to her editing work, alerting me to issues she noticed and doing an excellent job of helping us restructure chapters. Her background in editing and writing allowed her to complete large amounts of copyediting and proofreading in a short period of time, in particular editing for clarity. She reliably met all deadlines and effectively collaborated with the editorial team.

Dr. Alexis Easley,

Editor of Victorian

Periodicals Review

As my assistant, she copyedited typescripts of article submissions, reviewed proofs, and managed the journal’s social media presence. In all of these roles, she exceled. She always displayed a keen sense of editorial judgment and a sharp eye for detail. Her social media postings demonstrated advanced skills in creative design as well as her ability to write marketing material for specific literary audiences.

Allyce Amidon,

Production Editor

at 1517 Media

Christine is an exemplary employee. She has a strong attention to detail and is a fast learner. She has been an invaluable assistance over the summer proofing books for me, often catching mistakes other proofers have missed. She is, refreshingly, not afraid to ask questions when she doesn’t understand something and is constantly striving to expand her knowledge base.

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